XBOX One Repair Leeds

bring your XBOX One to the next level.

XBOX One HDMI Repairs

We offer a while-you-wait repair service with all our Xbox One repairs. We can patch and repair all major faults with all types of gaming consoles from the first Xbox all the way through to the Xbox One. We are experts in HDMI ports replacements offering repairs under an hour.

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Our veteran technicians have years of experience in the repair industry crunching out thousands of Xbox repairs over the years. We are intimately familiar with all faults and fully capable of most strenuous repairs on all gaming consoles – no matter what the fault is.

Our most common repair on the current generation of Xboxes is the poorly designed HDMI port getting damaged due to misuse or prolonged use.

We offer fast and affordable repairs that are backed by a solid 12 months warranty.

No appointment Needed !

We can replace laser and blu-ray drives under an hour for all variants of Xbox including the latest Xbox One S. If your console no longer reads discs or your drive is making clicking sounds then the laser may need replacing. All our work is carried out in-store with no outsourcing. We take pride in our console repair service and all our work is covered by a 12 months warranty.

We can replace lazers, blu-ray drives, power supplies and repair all logic board faults the same day.

xbox one repair

XBOX One Advanced Repairs

We are renowned in the repair industry for offering advanced repairs to local shop that are not capable of these repairs due to their lack of experience. Our HDMI Port replacement skills are finely tuned ensuring the port reliability is improved over the previous default solder making the repair more durable.

We offer a walk in service with all these repairs, no prior appointment is required. For further information call : 0113 259 1082