PlayStation 4 Repair Leeds

bring your PS4 to the next level.

All our repairs are backed by a solid 12 months warranty.

ps4 repair

Our expert repair technicians can repair all major and minor faults on all gaming consoles usually within the hour. The most common fault with the Sony PlayStation 4 is the deterioration of the poorly designed HDMI port. The majority of PS4 come in for HDMI port replacement; due to the volume of repairs on these play stations our technicians have now the skills to replace your HDMI port within an hour.

PlayStation 4 HDMI Repairs

The replacement of the HDMI port is our flagship repair, we have several local shops using our services for these repairs as their technicians are not skilled enough for such advanced repairs. The HDMI port on your PS4 could be physically damaged or could possibly be making an intermittent connection or just showing a blank screen on start-up. The PS4 HDMI Port repair can be carried out under an hour with no prior appointment for £70, all backed by a no quibble 12 months warranty.

ps4 repair

Vadim, our console repair technician is a veteran when it comes to PlayStation repairs crunching through ten thousand or more PlayStation repairs over the years.

We are intimately familiar with all types of PlayStation 4 repairs restoring any gaming console no matter how badly damaged your PS4 can be.

PlayStation 4 YLOD Repairs

We specialise in repairing any software faults and error codes on all PlayStation 4 consoles, the most common faults are:

-  Your PS4 freezing or overheating

-  YLOD your display/image becomes corrupted

-  Your console is displaying flashing lights

-  The PS4 power on but nothing else happens

PlayStation 4 Blu-Ray Drive Repairs

We stock all parts and usually carry out repairs on Blu-Ray drives the same day. The most common symptoms with disc drives are:

-  Disc spins but no longer reads

-  Blu-Ray Discs don’t play or are skipping

-  Disc Drive making a clicking noise

-  Disc stuck or not ejecting