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Our one of a kind privacy policy is described on this page.

(Last revised 31st March, 2016)

We are delighted to introduce our unique privacy policy, while most companies uses their privacy policy to efficiently elude their accountability and more particularly use it as a safeguard from litigation, should they overstep the mark with their incessant data collection. We are firm supporter of civil liberties and will defend your privacy and respect your human dignity by never trying to indentify or profile you, with us your personal information or other meta data which are only relevant to you.

We do not collect or store anything to your use of this website, our hosting providing may store and collect details related to your connection to this website, we have no use of such data.

Our website currently contains no input forms and none will be add in the future. This is a choice we've made to protect any inadvertent disclosure you may make to any intermediary level adversaries, such as ISP's, hosting providers and importantly Search Engines. We go out of our way to resist against this growing exploitation of users' information by refusing to add any analytic tracking code to any of our web pages.

We assure you that using our site is entirely anonymous to us and we have no interest in ever changing this policy. You can visit safe knowing that by using this website we have done our utmost to protect you, your data and your personal information.

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